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We build an app
for shooters with shooters

Our goal is to provide the best logging app for shooters as well as a dedicated, secure and private environment for like-minded to share their hobby. From simple range training to tactical session users can log their shots, see their progress and compete with friends.

Marksmen One aims at offering the best logging tool to shooters as well as an online secure social experience.

With a simple photo of a target our app will use AI to capture your shots, and calculate your scores.

It’s important for us is to deliver the best app. We build this FOR shooters WITH shooters. No one knows the best solution than the people that have to use it. We’re telling how users should behave, they are telling us how we should do it.

Some things are to remain private. But people also want to share things with trusted friends. We understand that. Some hobbies are easy to be share on social platforms, some are less. For this reason our aim is to provide a safe space, where users should not fear for disclosures of their data.

Are you an investor ?

Our company, like any start-up is looking for partners to develop itself and reach the next level. We’re open to discussions so please feel free to contact us for more information or for a chat.

About us

Marksmen One Oy is a company based in Helsinki, Finland. We aim at offering the best mobile tool for shooters and help them keep track of their training.


Marksmen One Oy
Köydenpunojankatu 2a D
00180 Helsinki